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Tuesday, January 20, 2004



One of the problem with the idea of this nation being founded as a christian nation is the concept of 'do your deeds match your words' (or however you want to put it).

Clearly this nation was founded by men and women who were christian, and there is no way to deny that. And they developed and extended excellent philosophy to accompany their goals.

However, throughout our nation's history, it is also clear that what has been in play is really a tolerance of other religions in an otherwise christian society. You CAN be Jewish if you otherwise mingle and exist in a christian way. You CAN be muslim if you otherwise mingle and exist in a christian way (and not so much christian as in the religion, but more as the dominant European culture that existed and continues to exist).

When religious/ethnic groups insist on trying to 'get back to their roots' (or try to maintain their roots), they are severely mocked and sometimes attacked in society. Witness the reaction to black-African revivalism in this country in the 80's, or the opinion a lot of people hold towards the Hasidic jews in Brooklyn, NY, or how the Amish are more of a freakish tourist curiosity, or how many/most muslims are now thought of in this country. Not all of these examples are religious based, but the concept is still the same - step outside the mainstream and face scorn.

The problem is (and this is not a distinctly Christian problem, but rather a problem of the majority ruler) that equality is not always what has existed in our society, but rather tolerance and acceptance. I'm certain that the goal was (or should not be) mere tolerance and acceptance, but rather is or should be equality.

So rather than scorn at "all evidence of Christian values are being removed from American society" (and I do think that people are jumping a little bit ahead of themselves here), what we are finally seeing is the deeds of this nation are FINALLY being brought into line and are finally being made to live up to the lofty goals and ideals that are embodied in the words and philosophy of this nation.

And that is nothing to cry about, but rather to celebrate, because nobody is losing any right (you don't have any right to force a school full of pre-teens to recite a biblical prayer, or even to force them to endure your recital - especially since school is a prototypical captive audience), and we all move one step closer to what we claim is the ideal of this nation.

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