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Wednesday, March 10, 2004



Judaism says that Jews should follow its teachings, but it does not say that everyone has to become a Jew: people are judged on their actions, regardless of their religion.

Christianity says that everyone has to become a Christian. At this point in history, Christianity no longer spreads by violence, which is an improvement.

Islam says that all people have to become Muslim. Most of the wars fought today, from Sudan to Afghanistan, are caused by this belief.


Judaism, when viewed as a philosophy, has quite a lot of appeal to it...ideas like the way to atone for your sins/misdeeds is to rectify the misdeed - WITH the person who you committed the misdeed against.

Without getting into a debate of one religion over another, it is all too easy for people to wrong another and not make amends with that person. Think about it even in the conduct of your daily life - often, people will ridicule and make another look bad in public...and IF they realize that they have wronged that person, they will then appologize in private (if you attacked someone else's ego/pride in public, does it not seem a little cowardly to appologize in private to preserve your own ego and pride?). I mean, this is hard stuff to do - I've done it, and its a challenge (although appologizing in public makes it easier to not use someone else to prop yourself up in the future).

Anyway, I did have a question...I get their catalogs every so often...overall, do you like the course and material that you have recieved from them? Do you find it worth the money? Just curious, because I've held back on buying one of their courses because I don't know anyone who has taken them before.


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