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Friday, August 27, 2004


Jeff Blanco

Just wishing you well during the hurricane

I guess by your definition, all of the weather people in Florida are liars. They were going on the information they had and Charlie didn't hit the Tampa area, but further south. Those LIARS!
By your, and others, definitions, I can say that and you should all consider me correct!
But to the point. You struck a nerve with the "Christian nation" comment.
You know me Mr. Dave, I could go on point by point in this article and dispute them all. But I won't.
There is one message that needs to be heard and it deals with moral standards.
This country was founded on "Christian Moral Standards". Whether people want to hear it or not, our forefathers were Christian men who believed in right and wrong and they shed their blood to fight for it. They didn't believe in lowering the bar to help someones self esteem. They believed in lifting them up and helping them succeed.
History has shown that government "WILL NOT" answer all of the questions of a society or solve their cultural differences. If it would, we would all be Roman.
It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to be tolerant and open minded, and most importantly respectful, to the thoughts and principles of other cultures, because that is the only path to true freedom.
In Iraq, we have only been disrespectful to their leader. I won't go into prison abuse, unless you want to talk about the children who were imprisoned because they didn't want to serve Saddam. And yes, I am talking about children who were as young as 6 and 7 years old. That's something you won't see on 60 minutes.
The intention of our forefathers, who wrote the Declaration of Independance and the Constitution, only wanted to provide a free society for people to live in.
Whether people of other faiths like it or not, that is true. Their faiths and beliefs are just as important as ours. But our country was founded on Moral, Christian beliefs. Right and wrong. Not the gray area that everyone tries to live in now, but right and wrong.
Does anyone remember what that really is?
So if our President wants to uphold what the Constitution "Really" stands for, why should we question that?
Why is it wrong to be a God fearing person. My dad was. My mom is. And so am I. And that doesn't mean I am afraid. It means I want to do my best to do what is right.
Sometimes right means you have to fight for what you believe in. You have to do what is unpopular in a world where everyone is fine . . . so long as it doesn't affect them. It means you stand on principle, whether people understand or not. It means you make yourself the object of someones ridicule.
So I have one request. In the future, when you point out all of the bad things "Bush" has done. Point out the fact that for the first time in history, Iraq has an opportunity to "choose" their leader. Point out that they can open their shops and speak freely about anything (things we take for granted) without fear of being killed, maimed, tortured, or anything else that amuses. Point out that women in Iraq actually have a chance of enjoying the same freedoms women in America do.
Point out the fact tha Lybia has voluntarily given up their weapons program. Palestine has begun to work "with" the United States.
I could go on, but all of these small steps that are being taken now will prevail someday when future generations look back on us. They will see a country that wanted to do what was right.

Remember, Rome didn't fall . . . until their morals did.

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