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Wednesday, September 15, 2004



Hey Mr. David,

A congressional investigation may be called for if there is evidence that a deliberate effort was made to alter the course of an election by false means. In other words, false reporting based on fraudulent evidence. Someone commited forgery in an attempt to alter the course of an election and that, I believe is considered a felony. While it is true that the Bush administration has not responded or tried to refute the claims made by Dan Rather, why should they? The documents are forgeries. What happened to "Innocent until proven guilty"???? So far all we have are forged documents and claims that have not been fully investigated.

Has anyone looked at George Bush's military record? Apparently the man earned enough points in his first year of service to cover six years of duty. Not bad for an accused slacker who was given preferential treatment.

CBS has produced a Texas democrat with an axe to grind and the possibility of a place in the Kerry (if elected) cabinet. They have also produced an 86 year old woman who was reported to have been the deceased man's secretary, who has also been quoted in the Washington Post making anti-Bush remarks that are scarily similar to the DNC's battle cry we have heard for the last three years.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am all for freedom of the press. But Dan Rather did not follow any of the steps necessary in the course of good and responsible journalism. You didn't see the wife and son of the man who was reported to have written these documents. Who by the way died in 1984. CBS refused to put them on the air. It seems they are calling the documents false forgeries, and that their husband/father liked George Bush and would never have written anything like that about him. But ole Danny couldn't have something like that on his anti-Bush show could he? As far as I'm concerned, Dan Rather owes all of America and President Bush an apology. But I am sure you will never see that. He's not a big enough man.

The experts that CBS was reported to have used, are all denying that they confirmed the documents were real, and further stated they were questionable at best. They are not even originals, and CBS was told they were not going to receive originals. Nice job Dan, you have pushed me further away from the mainstream media.

This isn't about what went on thirty five years ago, it is about an agenda to hate Bush. The same agenda that we have been subjected to for the past three years.
Its becoming clearer and clearer to me that all that is needed is a microphone and television show and you can accuse anyone of anything. And then demand that they answer your charges whether they are real or not.

So when is it going to start happening to the average joe? If they are so full of themselves that they think they can go after the President of the United States, when will they start on us?

Personally I am offended by Dan Rather in the sense that he is insulting the intelligence of every American by putting this kind of garbage on his show.

Hey Dan, if you're going to continue to go after Bush's military service, how about telling us about something other than four months of Kerry's record. How about you do an investigation on the Senate hearings Mr. Kerry attended after coming back from vietnam? How about a show dedicated to the meetings in France after he came back from vietnam, in which he was alleged to be secretly negotiating with the communist factions of vietnam?

Better yet, how about journalists and reporters do their jobs and report the facts objectively and equally without bias and let us make our own decisions. And yes I am referring to all journalists, conservative and liberal.

Ahhhh . . . that felt good!

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