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Sunday, October 10, 2004



It is simple and rather easy to forget that diplomacy had failed after 12 years of sanctions that only succeeded in hurting the very people they were designed to protect. As we have all seen, the organizaton that oversaw the sanctions and resolutions was in bed with a perilous dictator who had no compassion for the "sanctity of human life". As much as we would all like to take the John Kerry approach of returning to a time when terrorism was just a "nuisance"; it is just simply not possible. You are either willing to fight for freedom or you are not. That doesn't mean you don't care, and it certainly doesn't mean you have no concern for the "sanctity of life".
But you can never let yourself forget that we are dealing with a way of life that has taught people to hate the western world. You cannot educate someone who does not want to be educated. You cannot teach compassion. The liberal belief is that we can teach the world to be civilized. Well, I'm sorry, but that cannot be done. You can't exorcise diplomacy with a savage barbarian whose only goal is to kill you and what you believe in.
We can walk around with the attitude that the "sanctity of life" is important, as we all should; but don't let that be the only thought in your mind.
Because in this world we live in, it will get you killed.

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