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Friday, August 01, 2008


Craig Dippolito

Now that Obama has not picked Hillary, I must respond to your post. The pick of Joe Biden should show you the kind of man that Obama is. He is a man who knows what he knows and is perfectly willing to get help with those issues that he is not an expert on. He will ask the questions that need to be asked (like Bill Clinton) because he is a thinker, not a reactionary. He is not a macho guy like the one we currently have in the White House or McCain. You honestly think we need another macho guy who reacts instead of thinks in the White House. No, we need humility in the White House.

You talk about the Kennedy comparison as a negative because Kennedy ALMOST got us into a war. Well the bottom line is he avoided a war, inspired a country and moved us forward in a way that no one had done since FDR, another inspirational Democtratic speaker. As far as the Bay of Pigs, a mistake, yes, but has any other President been able to overthrow Castro, NO.

I realize that your post was entered before the Russia/Georgia incident, but the incident should show you that alienating your friends and entering wars for profit has made this country impudant (sp?)to do anything against Russia. McCain would be more of the same.

You also seem to believe the Republican talking point that the surge is working because their are less deaths, but the bottom line is that their has been NO progress as far as formimg a government, Afghanistan has again deteriorated and we continue spend tons of money we don't have to fund it. I am sure that if we sent another 150,000 troops into Iraq, we could possibly have no deaths, but the "government" would still be the same.

Lastly, and most importantly, if you want to understand the positions of the Obama campaign, (which are the same as the Clinton campaign, which is why she attacked him personally) go on his website, the platform is all their in black and white. Don't give up on the Democrats because you didn't get your first choice. Make the right choice.

Edward James

Well hello Mr. Dave - been a while. At the time of this writing I think we are all aware of the situation we are in and moving further into. Time will tell, but I just don't think the Obama plan is a good one for the USA. Enough said . . . Mostly I just wanted to say hello :-)

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